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Kraft Stock Print Corrugated B-Flute Pizza Box
  • A corrugated, kraft, printed b-flute pizza box.
  • Ideal for transporting your pizzas.
  • Designed for heavy pizzas.
  • B-flute provides a stronger sidewall protection from blows and punctures.
  • Allows you to stack boxes without worrying about crushing your product.
  • Perfect to fit the needds in your pizzeria.
Manufacturer:    Rock Tenn - Winchester Carton 
Manufacturer ID:   12x12x2 B-FLT
Inner Pack: 50 Boxes Per Bundle
Material: Corrugated
Product Color: Kraft
Product Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 2"
Shipping Cube (ft3): .72
Shipping Weight (lbs): 14.0
Trademark Name: RockTenn

Size: 50 Boxes/Bundle Color: Kraft SKU: 066986 Tags: .

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