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Heavy Duty Descaler Delimer
  • A highly concentrated, heavy-duty descaler, delimer.
  • Removes lime scale and other mineral deposits such as iron deposits.
  • Improves equipment efficiency and prolongs equipment life.
  • Designed for use at full-strength in deliming stainless steel and dish machines.
  • Dilutable for use in deliming aluminum kitchen utensils and equipment.
  • Non-fuming, no noxious odors.
Heavy Duty Descaler Delimer
UPC:    20895415001926
Manufacturer:   Victoria Bay 
Manufacturer ID:   345400-41
Dilution:   Highly Concentrated
Dispensing Method:   Manual
Fragrance:   Characteristic
Inner Pack:   4-1 Gallon Bottles Per Case
Intended Use:   Dish Machine Descaler
pH:   <1.0
Physical State:   Liquid
Product Color:   Green
Shipping Cube (ft3):   1.08
Shipping Weight (lbs):   45.0
Size:   1 Gallon
Trademark Name:   Victoria Bay
UNSPSC:   47101603
DOT Information: Click For Details

Size: 4 Bottles/Case UPC: 20895415001926 SKU: K01067 Tags: .

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