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CLEAN 40/3.2oz/CS 70071127040

Griddle Cleaning Liquid
  • A ready-to-use, pre-measured, one-step griddle cleaner.
  • Effectively removes baked-on food and cooking oil from the griddle.
  • Designed to work with medium-hot (300-350°F) griddles.
  • All chemical components are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as per FDA.
  • Does not contain caustic soda or caustic potash.
  • Cleaner component to the Scotch-Brite™ four-component grill cleaning system - cleaner, pad, pad holder and squeegee.
UPC: 50048011296031
Manufacturer:    3M 
Manufacturer ID:   70-0711-2704-0
CMS #: 700-40
Dilution: Ready-To-Use
Fragrance: Fragrance-Free
Inner Pack: 40-3.2 oz Packets Per Case
Intended Use: Griddles Only
pH: 11.5
Physical State: Liquid
Product Color: Yellow & Orange
Shipping Cube (ft3): .29
Shipping Weight (lbs): 11.9
Size: 3.2 oz
Specialty: Warm Griddles
Trademark Name: Scotch-Brite™
UNSPSC: 52152301

Size: 40 Packets/Case UPC: 50048011296031 Color: Yellow & Orange SKU: K00112 Tags: .

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